Cancer Biology Researcher Named 2015 AAAS Fellow

Cancer Biology Researcher Named 2015 AAAS Fellow Carolyn Price, PhD, is being honored for her contributions to the field oftelomere biology as a 2015 fellow in the American Association for theAdvancement of Science.


Survivor Turns Cancer Diagnosis Into Chance to Explore Cincinnati

When Deborah Ambroza realized that the aggressive tumor behind her left eye wasgrowing again, she was devastated, but she fell in love with Cincinnati duringher treatment.


Researchers Develop Model to Study, Find Ways to Target Rare Tumor

Cancer researchers at the University of Cincinnati have found a new target thatcould lead to therapies for a rare type of tumor.


Retreat Brings Cancer Researchers, Clinicians Together for Collaboration

To foster collaboration among researchers and physicians with the goal ofimproving cancer outcomes, the Cancer Biology and Hematology Oncology JointRetreat was held Nov. 14.


Impact of High-Fat Diet on Red Blood Cells May Cause Cardiovascular Disease

UC researchers have discovered the negative impact a high fat diet has on redblood cells and how these cells, in turn, promote the development ofcardiovascular disease.


UC Brain Tumor Center Recruiting Researcher in Cancer Metastasis

The UC Brain Tumor Center is seeking an esteemed researcher who will leadefforts to understand, target and prevent the spread of metastatic cancer tothe brain.


Nurse Navigators Help Guide Patients Through Treatment for Better Outcomes

The UC Cancer Institute has hired nurse navigators in the head and neck, breastand lung cancer centers to help patients in overcoming their disease.


Lung, Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Stresses Need for Awareness This November

November, the month in which we celebrate what we're thankful for, now meansthat and more for Geri Rowan, 60, a lung and pancreatic cancer survivor.