Young Breast Cancer Survivor Says, 'It's Better to Be Safe Than Sorry'

Young Breast Cancer Survivor Says, 'It's Better to Be Safe Than Sorry' Colleen Murray never expected to be a metastatic breast cancer survivor at theyoung age of 36.


#MCM: Man's Breast Cancer Diagnosis Led to Family Members' Genetic Testing

In November 2012, Bruce Hayes, 62, said he began to notice a pain in his rightnipple that he ignored at first.


NIH Awards UC Scientist $1.67 Million for Brain Tumor Research

A $1.67 million, five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health willenable UC researchers to study a novel strategy to combat glioblastomamultiforme.


UCMC's Oncology Pharmacy Team Wins Best Practices Award

UC Medical Center's oncology pharmacy team is one of six award recipients ofthe 2014 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Best Practices Award.


#MCM: Focus On Physicians With Mahmoud Charif, MD

Mahmoud Charif, MD, is a UC Cancer Institute breast oncologist, an assistantprofessor of clinical medicine in the division of hematology oncology withinthe UC College of Med


#MCM: Former Dean Survives, Educates on Male Breast Cancer

Emeritus Dean of the UC Clermont College Jim McDonough, 75, says his journeywith breast cancer began with some mysterious dots of blood on his bed sheets.


Patient Overcoming Breast Cancer Uses Experience to Enhance Business

Tammy Wynn, 55, has always been resourceful, taking the worst in everysituation and trying to turn it into something that would help her grow andimprove.


Focus On Faculty With Thomas Herzog, MD

Thomas Herzog, MD, who recently began as clinical director of the UC CancerInstitute and a professor in the division of gynecologic oncology, is aCincinnati native.