Experts Discuss Effects of Cancer on Memory and Thinking at Free Symposium

Experts Discuss Effects of Cancer on Memory and Thinking at Free Symposium The UC Cancer and Neuroscience Institutes are holding a free seminar Saturday,Sept. 12, to educate on the effect of cancer therapy on memory loss andcritical thinking.


$160,000 in Cancer Research Pilot Grants Awarded to Promote Collaboration

The UC Cancer Institute has awarded four $40,000 research pilot grants to aidin the interaction and collaboration between basic scientific and clinicalinvestigators.


After Beating Cancer, Patient Experiences Treatment-Associated Memory Loss

Lisa Elliott, 34, an attorney who lives in Mason, says her world changed inDecember 2010. At the age of 29, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.


Cancer Institute Welcomes International Students as Part of New Program

The UC Cancer Institute welcomed medical students from Saudi Arabia this summeras part of a newly formed international program.


Cancer Institute Experts Offer MRI-Guided Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer

University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute physicians are now performingMRI-guided brachytherapy for cervical cancer, helping to better image anddeliver targeted therapies.


UC Health, Cincinnati Children's Partner to Offer Proton Beam Therapy

UC Health and the UC Cancer Institute are partnering with Cincinnati Children'sHospital Medical Center to open a new Cincinnati Proton Therapy Center.


Patient Overcomes Pancreatic Cancer, Inspires Others to Keep Fighting

Lisa Rice, 52, says a constant upset stomach sent her to the hospital in 2011.


Study: Glioma Tumor's Genetic Profile More Telling Than Physical Appearance

A glioma brain tumor that looks relatively unaggressive under a microscope maystill have a lethal potential, recently published research shows.