Therapy Found Effective in Older, African American Lung Cancer Patients

Therapy Found Effective in Older, African American Lung Cancer Patients UC researchers have found in a clinical trial that an FDA-approved therapycould be effective in treating both older and African American patients withadvanced lung cancer.


Esophageal Disease Center Team Helps Patient Overcome Esophageal Cancer

William Zipfel, 71, found out a week after retiring that he had esophagealcancer.


HEALTH LINE: Palliative Care 101: Field Focusing on Quality of Life

There are often misconceptions and confusion when discussing the field ofpalliative care.


Minnesota Resident Travels to UC for Unique Robotic Surgery

Nancy Bemis, a New Market, Minnesota resident, traveled to undergo an intricaterobotic surgery to remove part of her pancreas.


United Against Cancer: The UC Cancer Biology Retreat

On Nov. 8, the UC Department of Cancer Biology held its first all-daydepartmental retreat at the UC Reading Campus.


Researchers Find New Target for Kidney Cancer Therapy

CCC researchers have discovered that a membrane channel, Transient ReceptorPotential Melastatin 3, or TRPM3, promotes growth of kidney cancer tumors.


Cancer Vaccine Trial Helps Patient Live to Enjoy Family, Grandchildren

Janice Wiedemann, who had always tried to eat right and exercise, was anon-smoker and had no family history of cancer, discovered she had a tumor inher right lung.


UC Cancer Institute Experts Help Smoker Kick the Habit

Camping trips with friends often means relaxing in nature around the warmth ofa fire. For, Lynn Mann, 56, it also meant several packs of cigarettes whilesocializing.